We'll Star Trek IV this bitch

 What would you like to happen during an apocalypse?

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sam fucking knows.


This breaks my heart in so many ways

Of course Sam fucking knows.

As much as we fucking know…

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Real talk tho
This fandom was strong enough to bring back a character for part of an episode

a dead character
with a hint that said character may or may not be dead

we are unstoppable

We can bring a character back to life but we can’t get two gay dudes to kiss, what the fuck fandom?!
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What I love about episode seven and Raúl’s performance is that he’s comic relief. And Raúl is aware that coming into this world, [his] purpose is comic relief. How he navigated that and the scene where he’s saying, “I’ve got a partially eaten man in my guest room and corpses on the property, and you threw up an ear,” is sort of embracing the absurdity of the situation and winking at the audience and saying, “We know. It’s over the top. We’re having fun. Come with us.” (x)

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#remember when Cas smiled for the first time?

#and remember who put that smile there in the first place?


#remember when Cas smiled for the first time?

#and remember who put that smile there in the first place?

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